Stove and sink!

We’re going to be light on words here for the next few days – with photo posts on the fly. I will say this – I am giddy with excitement at today’s kitchen developments. It’s happening people!

Sink in place, stove up and running! Years of grime scrubbed away from walls, doors, floors, toilets. And at least half our stuff packed.

Which leads me to an important public declaration of gratitude. None of this would be happening the right way or be any fun at all without my sister-in-law, whom I owe in so many ways right now. So many.



It’s quadruplets!

I have had exactly one new appliance ever before in my life. Today? An entire set … nay, a suite of them! So shiny. So KITCHEN-Y! I think the delivery guys thought I was a total nutcase. Me: “It’s like my baby was just born!” Yeah.



Stainless Frigidaire appliances

Here’s what’s on deck this weekend: Freelance work. Painting baseboards. Finishing the lower cabinets (cover panels, spacers, etc.). Deciding on backsplash tile. Finalizing the open shelving design. We think we can, we think we can … somebody bring us a pan of brownies and some coffee. We’ll be up late.

Above, all in brushed, smudge-resistant stainless:

  • Frigidaire 30-inch wall-mount canopy hood
  • Frigidaire Professional dual-fuel 30-inch slide-in range
  • Frigidaire Gallery 24-inch dishwasher
  • Frigidaire side-by-side 23-cu/ft counter-depth refrigerator