Discovering the yard

The previous owner so obviously loved this yard. Beneath recent neglect, I can see years of investment and work. Besides what’s pictured here, there are tulips, narcissus, daffodils, and hyacinth blooming now. I think a bush in the back corner is a spirea, in terrible need of pruning. The lavender needs attention. I’m impressed that a robust hen-and-chicks is sprawling along underneath a row of Mediterranean Cypress(?). There are tons of daisies, just shooting up leaves. Volunteer holly needs to be ripped out, and a few dead yew hedges must go.

After a bunch of research, I think our 14 juniper trees are Western Juniper. They’ve got moderate cases of mistletoe infection. I read that removing it can mess up your micro ecosystem. But leaving it can mean a slow death for the trees.

A round-up of what’s springing up. I know some of these. A few are little mysteries.

Gardeners, tell me — what are these? Common names? Bonus points for the Latin.

Above: (left middle) strawberries; (left bottom) wild rose?

Above: (top left) hardy geranium?; (left middle) poppy?; (top right) flax?

Above: (top left) daisy; (right) wheat