Discovering the yard

The previous owner so obviously loved this yard. Beneath recent neglect, I can see years of investment and work. Besides what’s pictured here, there are tulips, narcissus, daffodils, and hyacinth blooming now. I think a bush in the back corner is a spirea, in terrible need of pruning. The lavender needs attention. I’m impressed that a robust hen-and-chicks is sprawling along underneath a row of Mediterranean Cypress(?). There are tons of daisies, just shooting up leaves. Volunteer holly needs to be ripped out, and a few dead yew hedges must go.

After a bunch of research, I think our 14 juniper trees are Western Juniper. They’ve got moderate cases of mistletoe infection. I read that removing it can mess up your micro ecosystem. But leaving it can mean a slow death for the trees.

A round-up of what’s springing up. I know some of these. A few are little mysteries.

Gardeners, tell me — what are these? Common names? Bonus points for the Latin.

Above: (left middle) strawberries; (left bottom) wild rose?

Above: (top left) hardy geranium?; (left middle) poppy?; (top right) flax?

Above: (top left) daisy; (right) wheat

2 thoughts on “Discovering the yard

  1. In the top group of pictures, the top left is a tall sedum, probably “Autumn Joy.” The center photo on the top looks like cranesbill, also called wild geranium, which has small white, pink or sometimes bluish flowers. The center photo on the left is a strawberry.

    In the middle group of pictures, the plant on the top left looks like coral bells, which is a sweet, old-fashioned plant with small flowers. On the bottom right is what looks like another sedum (also called stonecrop).

    In the bottom group of pictures, the plant on the top left is one of my favorites – scabiosa, also called pincushion flower. I hope that you have the gorgeous periwinkle blue one!

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