The Kitchen Reveal

I’m just going to be quiet right now. Without further ado — our new kitchen:

ranch kitchen remodel

We still have to install the (oh so beautiful) range hood. And hang pendant lights, paint the pantry door, buy bar stools. But this … this is what we’ve worked so hard to make real.ranch kitchen remodel

Don’t be fooled. The kitchen is my pristine, perfect baby — but the rest of the house is still largely in chaos. See over there, past the peninsula? Eh. Whatever. LOOK AT THOSE DRAWERS. Just look at remodel peninsula

I dreamed of open shelves. There were naysayers, doubters. There was much consternation and an awakening to the difficulty of engineering anything into a corner. (Originally, these, below, were going to be L-shaped. Thanks, mom, for this better idea.)

This is my favorite slice of the kitchen right now. Our daily plates, glassware, neatly stacked and at the ready. To me it says, “We live here. We use this place, and we care for it. This kitchen is for gathering together, making food, being a family.” This corner also brings together our whole palette: white, wood, steel, and ceramic — the clean lines plus warmth that equal the “organic modern” balance we were striving for. I think it corner shelves

One more photo. The stove. And that gorgeous tile, our one splurge. And the stove. Did I mention the awesomeness that is my new stove? (Dual fuel is the way to go, absolutely.)kitchen remodel backsplash after

And for the full effect — before and after. Click to view larger and prettier:kitchen remodel before after

Questions? Comments? Champagne recommendations?

Who’s coming over for dinner?


Edited to add:

For a full recap, see the following:

If you’re new here and looking for the more detailed blow-by-blow on our kitchen and other projects, here’s a gathering of my ranch house renovation posts.

If you’re curious about the gorgeous, copper-colored cooking pot sitting on our Frigidaire gas range, you can read more about micaceous clay vessels — and find them for purchase — at our family collective, Pine Cone Alley Studio. They’re made from a hand-harvested, rare clay and are perfectly magical. You can also learn more at the artist’s blog. (She just happens to be my mom!)

31 thoughts on “The Kitchen Reveal

  1. Ame – wow!! I am speechless. Fantastic job – love, love, love it!! The tile is my favorite part. And the drawer pulls. The combo of the wood floor and the soft colors you chose is stunning. I would come over for dinner in a heartbeat. In fact I think a little visit to Bend, OR needs to happen soon. Love you smooch, you and Scott need to give yourself credit for a job WELL DONE!! Bravo. xoxo

  2. I have no skills and no eye for design, but I LOVE it, and I’m so, so jealous in the best possible way. The tile was worth it, whatever “it” was! I dream of something like this!

  3. Looks great. Love the open concept with the shelves. Looking at the before and after it is hard to gauge how many feet you gained. I’m guessing two or three based on the distance from the back of the cabinets to the plug in the before and after pictures. How much exactly??

    • RIght! The angle of the before-after doesn’t do it our space gain justice. And you’re exactly right — if you eyeball the outlet at the bottom left of the photo, you can get an idea. We gained around two feet of space inside the kitchen space. And it feels like more, because of the openness. Also, we didn’t really lose functional dining space, because the original overhang was nearly two feet — our new overhang is at the low end of standard, 10 inches. I’ll post some additional photos tomorrow that will give you a better visual of the improvement. Glad you like it!

    • LOVE it. And no, it really isn’t green. The photo correction wasn’t perfect — it’s much more cafe au lait and pale tan, with some aqua and earthy brown. Perhaps a hint of sage here and there. The photo of the open shelves represents it most accurately.

  4. It’s beautiful! What a transformation! And, as a bystander, it seemed to happen super fast. Congratulations! Happy cooking!

  5. A fantastic job, well done. Your own choices show clearly. Idiosyncratic details make it yours.
    I note the access to the base cabinets from the bar side….good.
    Horizontal handles are great for hanging dish towels, ease of opening doors and drawers. Good.
    I will be interested to see how/if you make adjustments, additions, etc as time goes by.
    Wonderfully done, you two. Wonderful.
    Now, enjoy it.
    We’ll be ‘over’ to enjoy it with you when we can.

    • Can’t wait to host you in a lovely, lovely space to redeem ourselves from the embarassing “Oh, this mattress on the floor of a dark and dusty unfinished basement! That’s suitable, right?” *cringe* Come!

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  7. Hi there,

    I’m the assistant multimedia producer for, a site published by the National Association of Realtors® covering home ownership-related topics.

    Would you be interested in granting us permission to feature a photo of your kitchen in an upcoming article? Email me at for the details. Thanks!


  8. Hi, Amy! We recently discovered your kitchen reveal and we’re happy to see that we could help you with our design! We’d love to have you featured in our website and the IKDO Facebook page. We absolutely love it when we get to see pictures of finished IKEA kitchens where we helped.

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