6 thoughts on “The countertops are here!

  1. AAaaaaaaaand?? (Did I miss the post expounding on counter-top material selection?) What do you think? what did you get? Can’t quite tell what I’m looking at here, though they do look lovely and pristine! (also: mmmm, sexy stove)

    • The material choice is a long story, full of strife, sadness, and reconciliation. Short version is, they’re laminate – and one fifth the cost of my beloved, coveted quartz. Thus the sexy stove. I did luck out with a new edge option (new to our vendor and unavailable at local competitors, at least) that gives that nice, square, thick look. The brand and color is Pionite Cavalcade South – a sort of cream/latte color with tiny retro-ish hash marks. We’ll see how they wear!

      • I’d say do the basement. We just fishnied our in the fall and we LOVE it. If you redo your kitchen, rip out that island and put a bigger island the other way, parallel to the sink and get an overhang so you can have some bar stools there for the boys. That’s where my kids [3 of them] eat and do their homework. By the way, I love my stainless appliances. People just need to know how to clean them correctly. Soapy water on a sponge followed by a dry towel, no fancy cleaners or anything.

      • Thanks for your comment! Our kitchen is now finished and we LOVE it. The house doesn’t have a basement — or a second floor! That’s in the “ultimate dream” file.

  2. When Jason and I were talking remodel of his kitchen the architect was raving over the new laminates out there. Curious to see how yours wear, for sure – they look purdy :)

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