Akurum. Gezundheit.

Today’s number one goal: base cabinets, complete. We’re past due on ordering the counter top. And I still have to choose and purchase the sink and fixtures. I really, really hope I don’t have to wash dishes in the bathtub come March 31.

Wait. We don’t have bath fixtures installed, either.

Or flooring in the bedrooms. Or a shower surround. The toilet is still in Nora’s bedroom. And the closets don’t have hanger rods. Or doors. Come to think of it, the bathroom doesn’t have doors, either.

I operate best under pressure.

(Have you read the New York Times article about why some of us do well under stress, and others not as well? Super fascinating. It’s all about dopamine and enzymes — good news is, we can condition ourselves in either direction.)

IKEA Akurum

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