Lighten up

Let’s all move on from the wood floor debacle, shall we? Those suckers are nailed down and there’s so much more to get done before our 3/31 move date.

Did I say move date? Yup. We gave our landlord our 30-notice and ohmygod. That means it’s real and we have to get our asses in gear so we have things like, oh, sinks. And a refrigerator. And stuff.

Which is why I’m distracting myself with pendant lighting for the kitchen peninsula/bar. Any advice, experience, or aesthetic preferences for a ranch house gone “organic modern”? Here’s a roundup of a few styles that are catching my eye:

pendant lighting board1. Schoolhouse Lighting, Luna globe pendant

2. Besa spotlight pendant in copper foil

3. Kichler Fremont pendant in chrome

4 & 5. Schoolhouse Lighting, Willamette series

6. Isla glass pendant in smoke

7. Fredrick Ramond globe pendant

8. Fredrick Ramond 4″ spotlight pendant in maple

2 thoughts on “Lighten up

  1. I’m partial to 5 … but would ask that you consider LED fixtures. We have 3 over our breakfast bar and they are the best … barely even notice them. There’s nothing worse than a lighting fixture that insists upons itself.

  2. Since you are going with lots of white and lightness, you don’t need ambient light from these, but down light instead. So 3, 7, 8 look good. Not that copper thing…it would take you back to the 60s, quicksmart. What Grantby said re ‘itself’.

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