Kitchen progress

There’s more to it than this. As we speak, the maple floors are being installed beneath freshly painted walls. Here’s phase 3 — just before the Men in White armed themselves with those sprayers, and the whole thing was coated in Sherwin Williams SW7005 Westhighland White.

One of the most exciting things about this very bland photo is the disappearance of popcorn ceiling texture! Tony the Texture Guy was a master — it’s all covered up with a skim coat layer. Can you imagine? It’s like those guys in France who seamlessly repair ancient stone walls, so you can’t even tell:

1965 kitchen remodel

The 1965 kitchen was gutted, new can lights installed, minor electrical work completed, popcorn ceiling covered in skim coat, drywall repaired, taped, mudded, and primed.

For a sense of progression, here’s a step backward — phase two (the mostly gutted room – I can’t believe we had the nerves of steel to rip out the soffits and leave gaping holes in the ceiling!):

ranch kitchen renovation

The kitchen, gutted.

And the original, as-puchased kitchen:

The 1965 kitchen, phase zero.

The 1965 kitchen, phase zero.

Chug, chug, chug. That’s either the sound of a train (we think we can!) or the sound of me drinking bottles of wine throughout this experience. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen progress

    • This year is all about fearlessness … or at least fearing less! I can’t decide if it’s the continually renewed leap of faith that keeps me breathless, or the breathtaking views (real and metaphorical) that keep me leaping. Should be more news on our progress in the next day or so … big news. Thanks for reading!

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