Found, no. 2

The attic crawl space held a few secrets.

Most of them were revealed by our extremely thorough, talkative home inspector (the latter quality being a huge bonus, when you have many thousands of dollars hinging on what he tells you). There was various duct work that was too close to joists. Bathroom ventilation that emptied directly into the attic space. Insulation that ranged from one to .01 inches thick. Thankfully, none of it was even close to a deal-breaker.

The spouse had to crawl around up there for a bunch of DIY electrical work (the home improvement category that requires endurance, strength, and serious smarts. Rawr!). He turned up some desiccated bird remains–feathers and wings, mostly. And, there was this:

Found painting

I can’t decide. Irredeemably ugly? Or the start of a fun conversation piece? Would you do something to it to make it worth hanging, or toss it in the debris pile?

5 thoughts on “Found, no. 2

      • Oh, I meant to recover the piece of plywood with a cool fabric. What is the size? I am always searching for larger pieces of wood or a frame to recover. Easy and cheap way to add some pattern or color to a room. And IKEA has great patterns for cheap.

  1. So it’s not felt, a cool post-modern dream interpretation in handmade felt?
    Ok, well then toss it and keep the blog post.
    Especially since it details your attic space as one that was full of bathroom smells: Fart Space!
    See how a Geographer thinks?

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