8 thoughts on “Choosing white paint

  1. We make ourselves insane by insisting our lives are better by increasing the number of options for relatively unimportant choices. Look at the breakfast cereal isle, the toothpaste options, the toilet paper array….and the ‘white paint’ options.
    Crazy humans….

  2. B and I have been talking about decision fatigue a lot lately – he’s made most of the decisions for how to finish out the interior of the tiny house but then something crops up and there’s a reevaluation: how do you finish the corners of the siding? It’s a modern design, beautiful local-ish cyprus that he had cut like flooring so it can essentially snap together. But the corners: do you miter at a 45 so they are flush? do you overlap? Such a simple question, one decision. But it’s one of so many, and unlike WhatDoIWearToday there are long-term repercussions. I Imagine you’ve seen the Times’ piece on it from last year… http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/21/magazine/do-you-suffer-from-decision-fatigue.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 xo Paint can be changed pretty easily.

    • Speaking my language. (And why didn’t I know you were fixing up a tiny house?? Should I be following you somewhere that I’m not, C?) I think that’s the thing, for me — painting is a mess and we hate doing it. It takes a couple days, you have to move all your furniture, and forget about rolling ceilings (especially popcorn ceilings). So we want to choose once, and let the contractor spray it, and be done. But odds are, the white will turn pink or grey in the afternoon light, or it’ll make our cabinets looks weird, or something else that drives us crazy for years. It’s probably good I was entirely worn out by wood floor choices, because it’s time to decide on sink fixtures, and I barely care anymore. Except … we want a faucet that allows us to fill deep stock pots … integrated sprayer … and nickel vs chrome? Heck.

      • Oh heck yes. It’s such a royal PITA, painting, I didn’t mean to downplay it at all. [May I forever be able to afford painters going forward!] More that – when comparing to sinks and refrigerators it’s usually a bit easier to change out, though why I think that when you start to break down the costs and the costs of frustration associated is a wonderful question to which I have no answer.

        As for the tiny house- perhaps because I don’t tend to talk about relationships online, and we’re overdue for a catch up? :) Not mine, I’m just peripheral to the process, and with no online presence you aren’t aware of. That said, if you’re interested –

      • Can’t wait to peek! As to the rest, I have some kind of illusion going on that my chicken coop is going to be a Fun Project. Why I think that, I have no idea. ;)

  3. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Your dad and I are on the same page. I usually use the bread aisle as my example but pick any aisle, any choice. It is crazy making, perhaps all too literally. I read and re-read my little copy of Simplicity Parenting in order to inspire myself to step away from all the choices.

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